Conferences and symposia

Lessons learned reproducing Highland piping’s most precious relic. Paper delivered jointly with Julian Goodacre at the International Bagpipe Day Conference, London, 2012

The Silver Pipes of Ur: material evidence for the pitch and intonation of Sumerian court music, 2450 BC. Paper delivered at Music iconology, instrument making, and experimental playing in music archaeloogy, 12th conference of the Research Center for Music Iconography, New York, 2009

Bagpipe  Revivals: True / False / Don’t know. Symposium contribution at the 2nd William Kennedy Piping Conference, Armagh, 2008

Launeddas e Triplepipes: oltre il folklore. Symposium contribution at the Museo Archeologico Nazionale, Cagliari, 2007

La riscoperta della tradizione delle Triplepipe Gaeliche. Conference paper delivered at the Museo Nazionale G.A.Sanna, Sassari, 2007

The insular triplepipe: foundations for revival. Conference paper delivered at the 1st William Kennedy Piping Conference, Armagh, 2007

The future of pibroch. Symposium organised for the John MacFadyen Memorial Trust, hosted by Piping Live!, Glasgow, 2006

The Whole Pibroch Repertory. Paper given in 2000, published in Proceedings of the Piobaireachd Society Conference xviii (2001)