“It’s almost impossible to believe you got that extraordinary, glorious sound from those… I am lost in admiration… they are absolutely wondrous.”
Sean Rafferty, BBC Radio 3

Barnaby Brown leads the revival of the northern triplepipe, the precursor of the bagpipe in Britain and Ireland. He also champions the art of canntaireachd, a chant which imitates the sound of the Highland bagpipe, and plays pibroch on a reproduction of a chanter owned by the Blind Piper of Gairloch (1656–1754).

His latest ensemble, Swagatam, explores the mouth music traditions of India and Scotland:

Triplepipe (live broadcast on BBC Radio 3, 12 June 2009)

Canntaireachd (from Band-Re’s CD, Strathosphere):

Pibroch (live at the Edinburgh International Festival, 20 August 2009):

“Between vocal items the “northern triplepipes” virtuoso Barnaby Brown improvised on 13th-century Celtic chants. Don’t ask me how he managed to walk round, while keeping three wooden tubes buzzing in his mouth and conjuring elaborate two-part counterpoints over a drone. But it was amazingly compelling”
The Times


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