Ancient doublepipes

EMAP Resources for Euterpe. Five volumes of scores, diagrams and commentaries prepared for the European Music Archaeology Project (2018–).

(with Stef Conner) Performances and explanations at the 11th MOISA meeting in Reading (2018):

These two YouTube videos with closed captions are a milestone in my exploration of video as a means of communicating musical research to scholars – new ideas and knowledge – more successfully than the older technologies of writing, diagrams and musical notation. A blog dedicated to the revival of ancient doublepipes, which I initiated and regularly contribute to (2014–).

Composition for silver pipes and lyre of Ur with Bill Taylor. A YouTube video produced by Mark Harmer (2006).

Early Gaelic harp music

An Introduction to Playing the Wire-strung Harp—a DVD & music book of lessons with Ann Heymann, Javier Sàinz & Bill Taylor, ed. Barnaby Brown and Bill Taylor (Glasgow: Siubhal 2012)

Silva Caledonia—Scottish Harp Music of the 17th Century (Glasgow: Siubhal, 2008). An edited book with audio CD, no. 3 in the Siubhal series.

Early Gaelic bagpipe music

Adventures in Canntaireachd, published at (2014–). A series of experimental recordings in which I reconstruct the vocal substitute for piping from source materials 1782–1828. Notes specific to each recording are found on the relevant tune page (e.g. PS 21, PS 72 and PS 165).

A map of the pibroch landscape, 1760–1841 in Piping Today 70 (2014), pp. 14–19. A bird’s-eye view of the whole corpus as it first arrived on paper, before standardisation and selection. This is a very different landscape to the one presented in subsequent editions.

Data underpinning ‘A map of the pibroch landscape, 1760–1841’ (v6). A commons-based peer production underpinning the tune pages at First released 1 July 2014, updated on this page from time to time., with David Hester (2013–). An online resource supporting the HIP movement in pibroch (Historically Informed Performance) and the creation of new music inspired by pibroch.

The Iain Dall chanter: material evidence for intonation and pitch in Gaelic Scotland, 1650–1800. A book chapter with eleven CD tracks in The Highland Bagpipe: Music, History, Tradition ed. Joshua Dickson (Aldershot etc.: Ashgate, 2009), pp. 25–46 + audio CD.

Scottish traditional grounds. A series of articles in Piping Today (2009):

  1. Tulloch GormI O I I. Also in issue 38 is an interview feature by Mike Paterson, ‘Affirming an ancient intonation’.
  2. Maol DonnI I O I  O O I O. Issue 39
  3. Bonnie AnnieI I O O I I O I. Issue 42

The harmonic grounds of ceòl beag. A table of data underpinning the ‘Scottish traditional grounds’ series (above), published online at

Contributions for Scotland’s Music – A Radio History by John Purser, episodes 3, 45 & 51 (BBC Radio Scotland, 2007).

Allan MacDonald—Dastirum (Glasgow: Siubhal, 2007). An edited book with audio CD, no. 2 in the Siubhal series. Out of print. The Introduction is available at

The Red Speckled Bull, with Allan MacDonald. Performing materials prepared for Allan MacDonald—Dastirum (listed above), published in Piping Today 25 (2007).

Refreshingly different. An edition of ‘Lament for Alasdair Dearg’ in Piping Today 22 (2006).  Also in this PDF is ‘The playful essence of ceòl mór’, a feature in the same issue by Mike Paterson on Allan MacDonald—Dastirum (listed above).

World premiere recording of ‘Piobarich aon Cnocan’ plus own compositions and arrangements with Gianluca Dessì released on the album Band-Re—Strathosphere, Siubhal CD021 with track selection at (2006).

The design of it: patterns in pibroch – the secret to composing, memorizing, and appreciating ceol mór. A series of articles in The Voice:

  1. Winter 2004
  2. Spring 2005
  3. Summer 2005

Donald MacPherson—The P&D Interview. An interview feature in Piper & Drummer Magazine 22/2–3 (2005).

Donald MacPherson—A Living Legend (Glasgow: Siubhal, 2004). An edited book with audio CD, no. 1 in the Siubhal series.

The sound of it: chords and “sonority” — the difference between Western keys and Highland tastes. An article in The Voice, Fall 2004

Reclaiming 5/4. An article in The Piping World, March/April 2000.

World premiere recordings from the Campbell Canntaireachd manuscripts at the 1999 Edinburgh International Festival. Released on Ceòl na Pìoba—Pìob Mhòr, Greentrax CD5009 (2000).

Pìobaireachd—When does the music start? An article in The Piping World 12 (1999).

One of the Irish piobarich—Cumha a’ Chléirich. An article in Piping Times 51/3 (1998).


In Praise of Saint Columba: The Sound World of the Celtic Church. Audio CD with 40-page booklet, a collaboration with Geoffrey Webber and the Choir of Gonville & Caius College, Cambridge. Delphian DCD34137 (2014).

Launeddas e triplepipes. Uno strumento che attraversa i secoli e le civiltà. An article in Quaderni dell’Associazione culturale Italia-Inghilterra v (2006) pp. 43–54.

Contributions for CBC radio documentary ‘IDEAS: A Glorious Racket’ – Karl Turner explores the rise, fall, and revival of the bagpipes (2005). Available on CD from

Editorial consultant for the Italian translation of A. F. W. Bentzon, The Launeddas, 2 vols, Acta Ethnomusicologica Danica 1 (Copenhagen: 1969). Launeddas (Cagliari: Iscandula 2004).